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Mathematics Department

General Math - This general math course presents review and foundation in number relationships, operations of arithmetic, and word problem applications to challenge the student.  This curriculum also provides introduction to geometry and Algebra and prepares the student for pre-algebra. (Saxon Math 8/7)

Pre-Algebra - Beginning with a six-week review of arithmetic skills, this course quickly moves to an introduction to basic algebra skills:  signed numbers, percents, like terms, order of operations, equations and expressions.  This course also presents a strong intro into geometry with angles, triangles, perimeter, area and volume.  First level exercises in statistics, base 2, and unit multipliers is also included. (Saxon Algebra 1/2)

Algebra I - Complete Algebra I course covering signed numbers, equations, polynomials, linear graphing, coordinate graphing, word problem applications, abstract expressions, equations, and inequalities.  (Saxon Algebra I)

Algebra II - Prerequisite Algebra I - 2nd level algebra skills that include fractional exponents, quadratic equations, complex numbers, logarithmic equations, word problem applications, systems of equations, rectangular and polar graphing.  (Saxon Algebra 2)

Geometry - A study of geometric figures, polygons, area and volume, logic, reasoning and proofs, while reviewing Algebra I skills.  (Saxon Geometry)

Trigonometry/Geometry - This advanced curriculum covers all major topics of geometry, including polygons, formal proofs, theorems and definitions.  Also included are all major topics of trigonometry:  trig functions, trig equations,  trigonometric identities, polar/rectangular conversions and applications.  Additional topics:  basic statistics, basic analytic geometries, and intro to linear algebra. (Saxon Advanced Mathematics)

Calculus - Complete calculus study of limits, derivatives, integrals, continuity, with applications in areas, volumes, work, fluid force, velocity, and accelerations problems.  (Saxon Calculus)

AP Calculus Summer Packet