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Moore Norman Technology Center

Juniors and Seniors may attend Moore Norman Technology Center for the afternoon half-day program.  The following guidelines will apply:

  • Students will be assessed full tuition at CCS.
  • Students must submit the application to CCS when considering attending the Technology Center.
  • Students will attend five morning classes at CCS.
  • Students receive 1.5 units of credit at the Technology Center each semester.
  • Students will be required to take Bible.
  • The Technology Center enrolls students into their programs on a first-come basis. First round applications are processed in November..  Students will need to plan ahead.
  • Most Technology courses are a two-year program.  The Technology Center has the following policy, called its 13th year policy:  "Students who attend the Technology Center during their senior year may apply for a tuition waiver the following year.  To receive this tuition waiver, the student must maintain a minimum B average and remain within the attendance policy."
  • Students attending the Technology Center must have a 2.5 GPA at the time of application.  Students tested with learning disabilities will be evaluated for attendance on an individual basis.
  • Any student dismissed from the Technology Center due to attendance or behavior problems will no longer be allowed to attend CCS.
  • Student will need to sign the contract w/CCS as to their committment to attend Vo-Tech classes.  Form must be signed by both student and parent and returned to the high school office in the spring for the following school year.


CCS makes the following observations concerning attendance at the Technology Center:

  • Technology students are not involved in the full day's activities at CCS, thus they become separated from their class and may not feel as much a part.
  • College/University entrance requirements usually include 4 years of English, math and science, 3 years of history, and 2 years of foreign language or computer science.  Due to scheduling issues, many students cannot take all of these intensive college prep courses while attending the Technology Center.


CCS encourages families to prayerfully consider this decision regarding their student's high school education.

Click here for the CCS Moore Norman Technology Center application.

Click here for the CCS Student Contract to attend Moore Norman Technology Center.