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Fine Arts Department

CCS Fine Arts Classes

Community Christian School offers many opportunities for students to participate in art related activities, expanding their understanding of written, visual and performing arts.

8th-12th grade students can choose band, art, or choir as electives during the school day.  The band and choir programs have brought home many honors from statewide competitions and dazzle the CCS families as they perform during sports events and special events.  Our art program is a comprehensive study of art history and technique and culminates with our annual art show.

Graduation requires one full year of Fine Arts:  Band, Choir, Drama, Art, Speech.

CCS 8th Grade Art Class8th Grade Art - This class is a full-year course that includes an in-depth study of two-dimensional art topics, using a variety of media and artistic styles.  Topics will include perspective, composition, and the elements and principles of art.  This course is open for all students in 8th grade.

Mixed Media ArtMixed Media Art - This course includes an in-depth study of a variety of art topics, using a variety of media and artistic styles.  This course is open for all students in 9th-12th grade and may be taken for one or two semesters.

CCS High School Three Dimensional Sculpture ClassSculpture - This course includes an in-depth study of three-dimensional art topics, using a variety of media and artistic styles.  This course will cover the problems and techniques of applied three-dimensional design with an emphasis on the use of materials and tools.  Topics such as clay, paper, wood, metal, etc. will be included. This course is open for all students in 9th-12th grade and may be taken for one or two semesters.

CCS High School Drawing 1 ClassDrawing -  This course offers two-dimensional drawing, as well as building on skills learned in previous art courses.  The course deals with black and white media such as pencil or charcoal and color media such as ink or conte.  Class topics include composition, line, value, negative space, volume, directional forces, perspective, and proportion.  This course is open for all students in 9th-12th grade and may be taken for one or two semesters.

PaintingPainting -  This course offers a variety of painting projects along with a study of the history of painting.  Students will work with a variety of media, such as oil color, encaustic, watercolor, acrylic, sumi-e ink, etc., learning the characteristics of each while developing their skills in the elements of art and utilizing the principles of art.  This course is open for all students in 9th-12th grade and may be taken for one or two semesters.

CCS High School BandHS Band - 8th-12th GradePrerequisite - Two years of band experience or have the approval of the band director - Instructor:  Mr.  Sharp  Students will learn through performance opportunities at football games, basketball games, and contests many different styles of music. They will also perform at the Christmas Concert, Spring Concert, and Graduation. The marching band will perform at all home football games during half-time. Please contact Mr. Sharp at dsharp@ccsroyals.com for more information.  Click here for Royal Pride Band Handbook.

CCS Royal Pride Marching Band CCS Royal Pride Band - Christmas Concert 2017 CCS Royal Pride Pep Band


Music Theory - This class is for 9th-12th grade students who play an instrument or sing and want to have a higher understanding of the music. Music Theory is the study of how music works. It focuses on the eighteenth and nineteenth century European music. The fundamental elements that are studied include intervals, chords, scales, ear training, and other fundamentals.

CCS ChoirChoir - Review of basic music notation.  Learn breathingCCS Choir techniques and vocal exercises.  Competition in the spring to include large and small ensembles and soloists.  Performances will include, but are not limited to, a Christmas concert and a spring concert.  Performances also include chapel services each year.


CCS Drama ClassFundamentals of Acting - Instructor:  Mrs. Griffitts This course focuses on introducing and developing the basic acting techniques of characterization, role analysis, stage movement, voice and body control. This class will provide students with the opportunity to perform in front of others with poise, confidence, and panache. In addition, students will learn a variety of physical and vocal warm ups to assist in everything from auditions to live performances. During each semester there will be different activities/games that will help in the following areas:  character development, scene work, audition training, and memorization techniques. This course is designed to strengthen the students' abilities, culminating in an improvement of acting methods that will help prepare students for any theatrical pursuit. During each semester, ALL students are expected to audition and be available for casting in any role or understudy position for the semester play.

"You Can't Take It With You" - Fall 2017 Production

You Can't Take It With You Drama You Can't Take It With You Drama You Can't Take It With You Drama


Theatre Production - Instructor: Mrs. Griffitts  Theatre terminology and fundamentals of stage design, set and property construction, costumes, make-up, promotions, and the principles of stage lighting and sound will be presented through this course. Each student will attend the after-school play rehearsals and serve on production crews during the performances. Students will learn all responsibilities of a production and be given the opportunity to creatively express their vision for each play performed. Throughout this course, students will have the opportunity to practice their production skills through group projects designed to broaden their behind-the-scenes abilities.

CCS High School Speech ClassSpeech - 9th-12th Grade - Instructor:  Mrs. Griffitts  Speech, like any other skill, improves with preparation and practice. This class assists students in developing speaking skills in a variety of forums. These forums include interpersonal and group communication, persuasive speaking, informative speaking, and extemporaneous speaking. This course introduces students to the world of public speaking, and is designed to help students become more effective communicators. Students will examine different aspects of communication, including: communication process, verbal/nonverbal communication, voice and diction, listening and evaluating, as well as interpersonal communication.

CCS Yearbook ClassYearbook - Applications required for acceptance - This elective is a publication class that introduces first-time yearbook students to journalism, graphic design, and photography. Students who have taken the class before will be expected to delve deeper into each of these areas and have a higher level of productivity. The class will use Jostens Yearbook Avenue software and Cannon cameras. It requires time management and self-motivation. Photoshop and/or art photography experience is a tremendous benefit, but not required. The purpose of this class is to document the school year through pictures and print. We have three deadlines throughout the year and each student is responsible for assigned page layouts and photos. Additional items taught are photography basics, Photoshop, writing, organizational skills, computer skills, and team-building.