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English Department

8th Grade English - 8th grade students study Literature (Mosdos Press/Gold), Language (Shurley English), Vocabulary, Spelling and writing.  8th Grade English emphasizes analysis of conflict and character in literature, writing a 5 paragraph essay.  8th grade students also read a full-length novel, and a "Christian Literature" novel. 

English I - As a freshman the student completes an in-depth study of grammar and uses the grammar skills to produce a term paper and other writing assignments, including a fable, creative exposition, explanatory exposition, deaf/blind experience exposition.  In literature the student reads selections teaching the fundamentals of literature (Word-Text Press/Implications of Literature) including conflict, character, theme, setting, point of view, moral tone, and structure.  Students are required to read and report, written and oral, on a biography/autobiography and a book of fiction selected from a list of recommended reading books.  Research Paper Guidelines - 9th Grade

English II - This course covers a range of literary concepts and genres including poetic devices, biography, and fiction.  Numerous examples from talented and well-known authors are discussed, analyzed, and interpreted for each style of work.  Grammar, punctuation, writing styles and formats are practiced through workbook and various writing assignments.  Research Paper Guidelines - 10th Grade

American Literature - Elements of Literature/Grammar:  Readings from a variety of English and American authors that illustrate the different modes, marks, and forms of literature.  Includes exercises in grammar essentials and grammar application to writing.

British Literature - British literature/grammar:  Study of selections of British literature from the Middle Ages to the Modern Period; includes some history from each period.  Exercises in grammar include practice in essentials and application through composition.