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Home School Program

CCS offers a program to home-educated students K-5 through 12th grade. This program is coordinated by Mrs. Donna Borgerding, who oversees the curriculum, work, and grades.

Program Guidelines

1. Community Christian School will offer our program to home-educated students, K-5 through twelfth.

2. All home-educated students must abide by CCS student conduct code while at home or when attending school-sponsored activities.

3. All 7th-12th grade students entering the CCS homeschool program for the first time must complete enrollment forms, provide transcripts or report cards of previous years, and interview with the administrator or assistant administrator of CCS.

4. All home-educated students must abide by dress code and standard of CCS when representing or attending any school activity. Any Junior High or High School student not abiding by CCS dress code when attending any school function will receive 5 demerits. If a student should accumulate 25 demerits he/she will be dismissed from the CCS Home School program.

5. Elementary home-educated students will be allowed to participate in special events such as Land Run activities and other events as requested by coordinator.

6. High school home-educated students will be able to participate in special activities. (Sports Banquet, class trips, senior trip, Jr./Sr. banquet, etc.) *Senior Trip: Any student desiring to attend the senior trip of Community Christian School must have been enrolled in the home school program for no less than four (4) consecutive semesters of his/her junior and senior year and be in good standing. Home school students must be considered on an individual basis if entering from another home school program. Home school students will be responsible to pay the full cost of the trip. Home school students will abide by all dress and behavior standards set by the school for the senior trip.

7. Full-time CCS students desiring to transfer into the CCS home school program and graduate with a CCS transcript, must transfer prior to the 3rd week of the first semester of their junior year.

8. Home-educated students in grades 7th-12th may take advantage of an upper division math, science, computer courses, or foreign language class by attending CCS for daily instruction. Students may not enroll in more than three classes a year. Additional fee will be charged to attend classes taught by a CCS Instructor.

9. All home-educated students will have an opportunity to take the PSAT test at no extra charge. Coordinator will schedule a date for test to be given.

10. Home-educated students will be able to graduate with a Community Christian School Home-School Diploma if all course requirements are completed and approved by CCS administration. (See #8 for current full-time CCS students.)

11. Home-educated students who attend a high school class on the CCS campus will be allowed to rent a textbook for that particular class. Elementary students need to purchase all books. (Most of these books are consumable and cannot be resold.)

12. Attendance by the home-school teacher is required at our Back-to-School training, held each year in August. Attendance is also required at quarterly meetings with the coordinator. Record of attendance, grades, and schoolwork will be briefly reviewed. Idea sharing and asking questions, as well as providing training and helps, can be done at this time.

13. Copies of the following need to be turned in to the home-school coordinator at the end of the school year:

14. Home-educated students will be ranked individually and will not be able to participate as Valedictorian or Salutatorian due to different curriculum.

15.  Any student that finishes their high school credits before second semester of their senior year will not receive a diploma from CCS or be allowed to remain in the homeschool program.  (If the student fulfills their high school credits at semester, they are considered finished with high school.  They cannot begin concurrent enrollment.)

If you have any questions, please contact us.