Dress Code

The standards for dress code at Community Christian School allow for a modest and uniform look to our student body.  The requirements for 7th-12th grade students are more specific than for the lower grade levels.  Please check the links to Dress Code in the student handbooks below to make sure that you understand the specifics of the dress code to avoid any confusion.

Peace signs are not allowed on clothing, backpacks, jackets, etc.

Click here for Elementary Dress Code details.

Click here for Secondary Dress Code details.

Ordering information:

  • The Community Christian School Board has approved the purchase of uniform items from Lands' End, Parker Uniform, or the Uniform Club. BOYS may purchase pants or shorts. GIRLS may purchase solid color skirts (NO plaid from Lands' End), pants, shorts, or skorts (same length requirements as Parker). NO CARGO PANTS FOR GIRLS OR BOYS! (Cargo shorts from Lands' End will be allowed.) Students may also purchase sweaters, blazers, or Oxford dress shirts from Lands' End. However, all CCS polo shirts will still be purchased through the school with Premier Design. Click here to download and print the current PREMIER ADVERTISING CCS Order Form.  Click here for the current K-6 Uniform Club pricing brochure.

  • All 7th-12th grade girl's and boy's polo shirts must be ordered through PREMIER ADVERTISING. Sample colors, sizes and order forms are available in the high school lobby.  To download and print the current PREMIER ADVERTISING order form, click here.
    Phone: 321-1187 or 623-3558

  • Approved black fleece jackets are available through PREMIER ADVERTISING.   With the exception of approved blazers and sweaters from Parker Uniform, Uniform Club, or Lands' End and school hoodies, no other outerwear will be allowed in the classrooms.  Sample sizes and order forms are available in the high school lobby.

  • Approved school t-shirts/sweatshirts are sold by the Junior Class.  Each year the Junior Class creates and markets two different designs which will be available in a variety of colors.  Sample sizes, colors and order forms are available in the school lobbies.  You may also click below to download and print the order forms.

  • CCS Royal Fleece Jacket Order Form

  • If you wish to purchase dress code items like khaki slacks, skorts, skirts, or capri pants from uniform sources such as Academy, Old Navy, JCPenney, etc., you may do so as long as all dress code items match CCS dress code standards exactly in terms of color and length.  Check carefully lengths of skirts and skorts.  Any dress code item that does not meet CCS standards will be disallowed.

Uniform Companies

Premier Advertising

Premier Advertising
1809 Abbotsford
Norman, OK 73072

Parker Uniform

Parker School Uniform
9606 North May Ave.
Oklahoma City, OK 73120

Land's End

Lands' End
Customer Number - 900137571

Uniform Club

The Uniform Club
14841 Bristol Park Blvd.
Edmond, OK 73013

3002 Broce Drive, Norman, OK 73072  |  (405) 329-2500  |  FAX (405) 329-3510
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